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Youth Camp for Equality and Participation

Updated: Apr 2

On Dec. 18, 22, Likhaan Center for Women’s Health held an inter-active seminar for community youth health promoters (youth CHPs or volunteers). It was held at Boso-Boso Highland Resorts, Antipolo for 3 days with 100 participants from Bulacan, Cavite, Eastern Samar, Malabon, Manila (Port Area, San Andres, Tondo), Navotas, and Pasay.

The seminar aimed to orient participants to the concept of gender, equality and rights, and community organizing; and facilitate skills-learning on communication and peer education.

The expectation is that participants would know themselves and their gender and SRH needs; try out basic communication and social interaction skills; and have a basic understanding of social problems in their families and communities.

On Day 1, Dr. Junice explained social inequalities, particularly economic and gender, and the need for actions both by powerholders like government and people themselves.

The next topic was Community Organizing, facilitated by Lina ang Gina with exercises on teamwork in group problem solving; workshops that identified common problems and their solutions; and an exploration into youth saw as good and bad group leadership.

On Day 2, Erick facilitated a discussion and exercises on basic communication, communication barriers and the role of communication in advocacy.

Afterwards, Mark and Vere facilitated discussion and exercises on peer education, i.e. the topics of interest to young people e.g. romantic relationships, body changes, cybersex, peer and family pressures, etc; and the creative ways of sending out messages.

Shiela winded up the seminar by discussing the importance of being knowledgeable about data and numbers in young people’s lives.

The seminar was spiced up by group games and a final Tiktok presentation contest among the different teams. Team competition and a solidarity program spurred by inter-team competition.

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