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Addition of 3 more CBWCCs in Manila and Eastern Samar. Of 8 clinics, 4 were accredited as birthing 

clinics by PhilHealth multiyear projects with Inter Pares and Global Affairs Canada. Clinicians in 2 Manila 

clinics were trained in cervical cancer screening, management of sexual violence, and HIV counseling by 

Médecins Sans Frontières.  

Fielding of 2 teams of COs to Eastern Samar in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan; who provided 

psychosocial support and RH services; organized Abante Kababayen-an (women’s organization); set up 

“women’s safe spaces” in the community; organized collective gardening of vegetables and root crops; 

and Abante women with government and other resources. 

Organizing of diverse advocacy activities, e.g. holding of Women Deliver Philippines in partnership with 

UNFPA; making and dissemination of the video, “Fighting for Life” and the play, “Breaking the Silence” on 

abortion; resisting RH restrictions through pickets/delegations to localities that banned contraception; 

staging a “die in” at the gate of the Archbishops’ Palace; holding the 2nd “women’s long march” to the 

House of Representatives and the “Buntis March” (march of pregnant women) to the Supreme Court; 

and camping-out beside the House of Representatives for 6 weeks in “Occupy for RH.”  

Other advocacy efforts, e.g. experts’ RTDs on contraceptives and Sexuality education; researches on   the 

state of Sexual and Reproductive Health, Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Catholic Religious 

Fundamentalism, and Adolescent Fertility and Contraception; Philippine Laws and Policies on 

Adolescents’ Contraception; and Evidence against the Purported Abortifacient Effects of Contraceptives 

(submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

Approval by Sigrid Rausing Foundation to use their funds to acquire building for Likhaan’s central office 

in Quezon City in 2013. 

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