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Expansion of Community-Based Women’s Health Programs (CBWHP) in Bulacan, Eastern Samar and 

Manila, with the corresponding CHWs’ training and community organizing/mobilization; health info 

based on Hesperian Foundation book, Where Women Have no Doctor, translated to Filipino by Likhaan.  

Addition of 4 women’s health associations and 3 youth health associations, and federation into PILAKKK 

(Pinagsamang Lakas ng Kababaihan, Kabataan, at iba-ibang Kasarian). PILAKKK led Likhaan’s mass 

mobilizations, e.g., the marches marking the Centennial of the Women’s Movement in the Philippines, 

protesting the government’s war against Muslim insurgents in Basilan, and the 1st “women’s long 

march” to the House of Representatives to push for the RH Bill. Locally, community organizers/mobilizers 

(Cos/CMs) set up emergency loan cooperatives; the “RH Sentinels” (volunteers assisting women in 

emergencies); “Balay Huluran,” (place for women about to give birth); “Women’s Garden” (for 

vegetables) for women displaced by eviction. 

Regularization of 4 CBWCC and 1 Office-Based clinic that provided a range of RH services, including 

maternal care, contraception, VAW counseling, and management of Reproductive Tract Infections. Staff 

gathering together for “RH Fairs,” outreach events providing education and RH services outside pilot 


Broader advocacy for sexual and reproductive rights, e.g. providing PMAC (Prevention and Management 

of Abortion Complications) and EmOC (Emergency Obstetric Care) in government facilities; documenting 

and protesting the contraception ban in Manila City and the delisting of the emergency contraceptive 

pill, “Postinor” by health department; defending rights on abortion, SOGIE,  and adolescent sexuality and 

resisting Catholic fundamentalism and militarism through popular education, posters, videos, games,  sports competition, musical plays, etc. 

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