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Founding by 15 women from different sectors (community organizers, health providers, women 

activists), in 1995.

Piloting of community-based, women centered clinics (CBWCC) in 2 Pasay and Malabon, with services 

covering general medical, antenatal, contraceptive, violence against women (VAW) and immunization. 

Clinics were run by trained Community Health Workers (CHWs) in tandem with the organizing of 

women’s health associations (WHAs) on health, sanitation, housing and governance.  

Design and conduct of Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) for RH NGOs with support by UNFPA.

Organizing of 2 advocacy and campaign networks: Task Force May 28 on issues related to women’s 

health and reproductive rights, and Kilos, Kabaro, co-convened with the Democratic Socialist Women of 

the Philippines (DSWP), on poverty and VAW, in coordination with the World March of Women.  

Generation of shadow reports in relation to the reviews of the International Conference on Population 

and Development (ICPD) and the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA). 

Media advocacy to support Cong. Roy Padilla’s bill legalizing abortion in “specific cases” eg of rape, 

incest, danger to mother’s life. 

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