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Community Organizing

Contraceptive use up but responsibility for family planning still mostly on women

Geela Garcia -

March 13, 2022 | 1:00pm

For women like Paunil, birth control methods were accessible because she lives close to a clinic of Likhaan Center for Women's Health. 

"I decided to get an implant because there was no way we would survive [if we have] another child," said Paunil. A birth control implant is about the size of a matchstick. It is inserted inside a woman’s upper arm and releases hormones to prevent women from getting pregnant. 



Women 15-49 in very poor communities served in the current year


Health consultations performed annually by Likhaan in the last 5 years


Community health volunteers organized and mobilized to help their neighborhoods in the current year

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Happy Women’s Day!

For women who continue to struggle against poverty and gender discrimination in the margins, ano nga ba ang kasiya-siya sa araw na ito? Their family incomes are dwindling, prices are soaring, and government social services, such as housing, are patingi-tingi. Many of the laws that women pushed for women’s rights and wellbeing – like the VAWC and RH Laws - continue to be token promises as government fails to follow up with budget and earnest implementation.


Indeed, what is there to celebrate?

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